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Suicide Awareness

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Fundraising ideas

  • From coffee crawls and comedy nights to physical challenges, our supporters never stop finding new ways to support us.
  • If you love to cook, have a supper club.
  • Love to run? Host a fun run.
  • Love to eat? Do a cake sale.
  • You get the picture - if you’ve got a passion, hobby or bucket list idea, do it for in support of our charity.
  • You could also host an in memory of for your event. 
  • Lots of our donations come from supporters who fundraise in memory of a loved one or friend.   Whether you’re doing a challenge, throwing an event, or just want to collect donations, you can set up an In Memory page through Just Giving. Find out more here -

What Our Service Users Say


This individual was referred to us by staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital.  He was contemplating suicide and wanting to end his life.  The following is the story of this individual.

“When I walked into SASG the first thing I noticed was a big sign on the wall with four letters HOPE and I thought to myself, will I ever find HOPE when I am feeling so hopeless.  SASG immediately attended to me in a very human and compassionate manner.

Firstly they got me in a safe place, contacted my family and immediately set up an appointment with my GP.  Even at this early stage I began to believe that someone cared.  I was admitted to hospital and on my discharge SASG put a car plan into place for me.  This involved 6 weeks support both emotionally and practically.  They also invited my partners and offered her support as she was finding it hard to accept my issues.

3 months later, I can thankfully say I have HOPE for my future and can now see reasons for living.  With the help and support I received from SASG, I now have the courage to reach out and accept help”.

pause for thought

Tears shed from another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.

Hope is like the sun which as we journey towards, it casts the shadow of our burden behind us.

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